W-Image is a 2 person photographic team made up of us, Vic and Nina Wright. Both of us share a deep passion for photography.


We have shot amateur and professional auto racing. Champ Car and ALMS, Vintage Auto Racing, Drag Racing.

Snomobile Drags, Karting, and MOTO-X.


There have also been weddings, portraits, band promo shoots, family photos and charity events.


Live bands from the garage to the big stage have been on the top of our list for a while. The bands include, but are not limited to Steve Miller, Pat Travers, Edgar and Johnny Winter, Kim Simmonds, most of the founding members of Heart and Randy Hansen, (the most amazing Jimi Hendrix tribute in the world). There are too many musicians to list them all. We are incredibly grateful to all of them for allowing us the opportunity to capture them and their passion and to have allowed us to enjoy their music while we shoot.


We have photographed nature and wildlife and try to never miss a chance to capture more.


Also, Vic is currently responsible for a lot of the images used by the Larson Automotive Group. He creates their store photo tours and does some of their graphic arts work. His images have appeared in their TV and print ads. He documents their growth, charitable endeavors and staff photos. Check out some of his work at looklarson.com.


 Photography and a little Graphic Arts.